Peter Stevens

My name is Peter Stevens and this is my writing.

Chef (2017) is an original sitcom. An angry chef, fallen from reality TV prime time, struggles to redeem himself by helping a family. 22 mins.

In 200 Words (2016-17) is my ongoing collection of short essays. Inspired by Eric Hoffer's letter.

Seven Bad Kids (2016) is a feature length family comedy written by Kyle Dooley and I. Script available on request. 100 mins.

"All Hail the Alpha Male" (2015) is my script for Get Prince, an original comedy sitcom created by Laura Cilevitz and I. A clever daughter sets out to save her bankrupt family. She sneaks into a megarich high school to hunt down a prince for marriage. 22 mins. One Page Pitch.

Bet on This Love (2014) is my original screenplay. A dark comedy about a break up. The twist happens around page twenty. 80 mins.

"Remember the Dibigong" (2014) is my pilot episode for Elephant Empire. The show mixes sketch comedy with a strange tale. 22 mins.

Bee Circus (2013) is my Canadian Comedy Award winning monologue. It aired on CBC Radio's The Irrelevant Show. 4 mins.

The Corrupt One (2012) is my original TV pilot. An aimless undergrad rises to become a ruthless student president. Each episode is inspired by history's greatest betrayals and political savvy. 45 mins.