Peter Stevens

My name is Peter Stevens and this is my writing.

Beast Money (2023) Horror movie. A mysterious monster hunts a group of business students who want to learn its rules and monetize it.

Don't Get Involved (2023) Action movie. A failing MMA fighter breaks her own rule and gets involved protecting a child.

Rescue (2023) Dramedy movie. A 'beta' guy tries to impress the girl by training a dangerous 'alpha' dog.

The First Hours (2023) Thriller movie. A small town loser rallies his friends to investigate when his best friend's wife is missing.

Gary and his Demons season 2 (2022) Animated TV comedy. I worked on this funny show by Mark Little.

Tale at Sea (2022). Short story. Drama. The crew of a serpent-hunting ship spurs an Old Man to tell his story.

The Adventures of Tom Shadow (2018) Musical comedy. I directed and co-wrote this show.

Seven Bad Kids (2016) Family comedy. Little kids hire seven bad kids to protect their treehouse from grown ups. Co-wrote with Kyle Dooley.

Get Prince (2015) TV comedy. A clever daughter tries to save her bankrupt family by sneaking into a boarding school for the super rich and marrying a prince. Co-created with Laura Cilivitz.

Bet on This Love (2014) Dramedy. A boyfriend

"Remember the Dibigong" (2014) TV. Comedy. A sketch comedy show with a strange tale.

Bee Circus (2013) Radio sketch. A sample of my work for CBC Radio's The Irrelevant Show.