Peter Stevens

My name is Peter Stevens and this is my writing.

200 Words or Less (2016) is an ongoing collection of my short essays.

Seven Bad Kids (2016) is a feature length family comedy written by Kyle Dooley and I. Script available on request. 100 mins.

"All Hail the Alpha Male"(2015) is an episode of Get Prince, a sitcom created by Laura Cilevitz and I. The classic story of girl meets boy who is a prince that she needs to marry to save her bankrupt family. 22 mins. One Page Pitch.

Bet on This Love (2014) is a screenplay. A dark comedy about a break up. The twist happens around page twenty. 80 mins.

"Remember the Dibigong" (2014) is the pilot episode for Elephant Empire. The show mixes sketch comedy with a strange tale. 22 mins.

Bee Circus (2013) is a Canadian Comedy Award winning monologue. It aired on CBC Radio's The Irrelevant Show. 4 mins.

The Corrupt One (2012) is an original TV pilot. An aimless undergrad rises to become a ruthless student president. Each episode is inspired by history's greatest betrayals and political savvy. 45 mins.